Frame your work with a support structure.

Artists are visual people. As you build your business plan, it helps to conceptualize a framework. Literally speaking, it a frame for your work. For each step along the way, Art Ally has built frameworks that provide structure for your artistic practice. 

Imagining the work

The Imagining Framework helps you develop a cohesive body of work, set goals, and stay focused on key concepts. Like any consultant, my job is to ask the right questions.

Doing the work

The Doing Framework creates a structure for making the work. This includes strategies to process ideas, schedule time to work, find access to resources. There are built-in tools to help you prioritize what you are working on.

In addition, the Doing Framework helps you analyze your work by creating a structure for feedback, critique, and refinement. Artists should create their own criteria for success and build a strong network to support their goals.

Selling the work

The Selling Framework focuses on the nuts and bolts of building your marketing plan. As marketing and self-promotion don't always come naturally to artists, a structure helps to build in the process so that it becomes a comfortable, routine part of the artistic practice. 

Managing the work

The Managing Framework comes into play when you are running your business. What are the financial and legal considerations of your practice? How are you managing your money? The Managing Framework provides the tools to help you stay on top of their business.