Why is it so hard for artists to make money?

There are three key impediments to an artist's success: environment, knowledge, and motivation.

First, the environment: there simply aren't enough public and private funding sources. A lot of artists are competing for a small pot of money. Second, the knowledge: all too often, artists aren't taught basic business skills, and they aren't aware of the different markets for their art. Third, the motivation: artists are often intimidated by business and may have mental blocks that keep them from approaching their career with a plan.

Let's change that.

How do we change the financial environment for artists? We must all mobilize together to advocate for the arts, support organizations that seek more arts funding, elect politicians who believe the arts are important, and support policy changes that enable artists to succeed.

What can we do about the lack of business knowledge? Let's demystify it. Artists can be good at business! Art Ally can help. With clear tools and frameworks, we work through an artist's work to create a strategic business plan. What are your impediments to success? Let's work backwards from there. We start with your needs, set goals, implement behaviors, and get results.

Where do you find the motivation? First, create a framework for making and managing your work. Then, tackle your fears about business that lead to mental blocks and feelings of intimidation. Art thinking shows how the skills your already have as an artist can help you with business. We demystify the process in terms that you understand.