The mission of Art Ally is to help artists succeed.


What is an Art Ally?

An ally is someone who supports you. Allies can take the role of a coach, consultant, advisor, mentor, guide, advocate, or scout. As an Art Ally, Jessica Jacobs uses her experience to help artists bridge the gap between art and business.

Why do you need an Art Ally?

There are many challenges facing artists. We often hear "do what you love". However, artists often haven't been taught business skills, and the marketplace does not always reward the artist. Understanding the business of art and taking an "art thinking" approach can demystify the obstacles to success.

How does Art Ally work for you?

Art Ally offers a range of services tailored to your individual needs, from simple guided questionnaires to workshops to in-depth one-on-one coaching. I utilize extensive resources and network of connections that I have built over the years. You can decide how much support you need.